Independent Review of joker388 Training Network

You can’t miss TV if you don’t watch it. Poker tournaments – huge poker tournaments. Celebrity Texas Hold’em – poker in Las Vegas, poker throughout the Caribbean and poker all over. Local charities even organize Texas Hold’em tournaments to raise funds. Are these fads or a genuine opportunity? This is a way to make money. The Poker Training Network review is objective. You don’t need to be concerned that I’m making an MLM pitch disguised in a review.

The Poker Training Network team believes it is not a fad. They have the numbers to support their claim. This is the first attempt at combining poker and MLM. The world has 300 million poker players, with Texas Hold’em being the most popular. According to the PTN people, the number of poker players will more than triple within a few years. They are based in Addison Texas and have an experienced management team. The team has a mix of experience in Network Marketing and poker. The management team appears to be solid. Although this does not guarantee success, it is a good indicator. This is something you need to consider when looking at any MLM opportunity.

Poker Training Network offers several poker education and training products. These are people who have practiced their skills online and in person. You will see them winning big in poker tournaments. This takes money and time. They believe they have everything you need in one place. Both beginners and experienced players can find products to suit their needs. The Poker -TEL line of training products is available at a cost of $14.95 per month up to $49.95 per month. A Poker Edge product is available at a cost of $299.95. Years ago, I discovered the hard agen slot joker388 terpercaya way that I wasn’t a good poker player. The products offer extensive training for anyone who wants to learn.

You pay $49.95 for the business opportunity once. The Business Builder System costs $19.95 per month. A person looking into an MLM company will naturally be curious about how much they would receive. Poker Training Network has a fairly standard compensation plan. There is nothing that will scare you. There are five ways to make money. There are five ways to make money: monthly residual, retail, matching bonuses and a Global Leadership Pool. You will receive a car bonus if you reach the Qualified Black Rounder level.

This is the perfect opportunity if you’re a serious poker player and want to improve. It can also be an excellent opportunity for those who are not poker players. More than 60% of those who sign up for the Poker Training Network opportunity don’t play poker. PTN, despite being a well-structured opportunity, seems to be the same as other MLM’s in terms of marketing. Their marketing is not yours. Their marketing is doing well. This Poker Training Network review will tell you everything the company has. They lack the tools that will help you build your brand and generate qualified leads online. There is also no way to make money if people leave your business. It is essential to generate retail sales and build a strong downline team. This is how residual income occurs. This is how the Attraction Marketing System works. This will help you become wealthy.